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For specialized operators in the field

Veramore is the line of products fully dedicated to “eating outside home”. It is a HO.RE.CA project started in 2013 with the goal to liberate the celiac from all restrictions and impediments who meets in daily consumption outside the home. A careful research and analysis of the market studied a basket of products that can largely satisfy customer requests to bar, restaurant, pizzeria, ristobar, villages, hotel and all the facilities in general. CROISSANT, PIZZA BAR, FIRST dishes, have been made in anti-contamination packaging, ready for use, in a few minutes, in fact, and without any risk of contamination, operators of this field can deliver these products in complete safety.
PIZZA RESTAURANT, POTATOES croquettes, BREAD, BASES FOR PIZZA, FIRST DISHES, are the answer to all the needs of the consumer at the restaurant and pizzeria.
Rounding out the line a selection of single-portion desserts made by pastry chefs working exclusively with handicraft.
Search VERAMORE in your bar or restaurant, so much taste in total safety.