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The Celiacom protagonist of the expo 2015 in Milan

Celiacom company was the winner of the competition for the national selection of the “New Business Talent”, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, aimed at promotion and representation, on the Expo 2015 event, the best business experiences made in agriculture and agri-food by sturt-up companies from all the nation.

Only the top 25 companies were the winner, with a participation that exceeded 500 applications for membership.

Minister Maurizio Martina, within the forum “Start-up and Innovation”, presented the prestigious award to the CEO of Celiaco.m SRL Giuliano Greco, concerning in a financing for the participation to Expo 2015, with the opportunity to exhibit their business experience.

The event, held in the Conference Centre of Expo 2015, was produced by Mipaaf with Google Italy and Italiacamp Vivaio Italia, the concept guide of the Pavilion Italia.

Celiaco.m company is an important player in the national scene of gluten-free. A multi-year research and development work in the field of “celiac disease” allows, today, to enter the market with excellent products, using only selected raw materials, 100% made in Italy.

In its factory, 2000 square meters in the countryside of Molise, are created products of the highest quality. The use of advanced production processes is supported by the preservation of ancient craft methods: pizzas, pizza bases, buns, bread, croissant and dessert, which are some examples of the continuous creations of the company.

A careful work is devoted to the development of the packaging of the products: also in this case the key word is innovation.

Two trademarks, Green Flute and Veramore, make sure that Celiaco.m, this important player in the market of gluten-free, which continues to expand, marking an annual growth of 20%, both nationally and internationally.

The “challenge of the future- said Minister Maurizio Martina- is being able to interpret the tradition with new tools”. This is the goal of the this company, which with its two trademarks, Green Flute and Veramore, is ready to face the opportunities and the challenges of the gluten-free market, always in increasingly growth, both domestically and internationally.