Contrada Selva, 86025 RIPALIMOSANI (CB) Italy
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We do it for you!

Celiaco.m is the ideal company to establish relations of partnership. We are specialized in the production of frozen pizza, stuffed pizzas, focaccia bread, small pizzas, pizza bases. We have developed the first peeled and frozen croissant, gluten and lactose-free.

Celiaco.m devotes all his experience and flexibility to create and develop products that meet customer requests and needs of the market. All this in a continuous exchange of information between the company and the customer, to carry out custom made projects.

The team of research and development of Celiaco.m carefully analyzes the market and customer needs, with the start of coded projects and the study of new recipes. The recipes are subjected to various customers by sending of samples and are developed in our laboratories. From the feedback are processed revisions and counteroffer , up to the final product.

Particular attention is dedicated to the packaging. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing of products contained in anti-contamination packs to avoid any cross contamination and preserve the 100% safety of the customer.

Celiaco.m guarantees its quality thanks to its high standards, through the following certifications: Certification of the Ministry of Health for the production and marketing of foods without gluten, BRC and IFS certifications.